• Walking alpacas with Alpacaly Ever After!
  • Walking alpacas with Alpacaly Ever After!

    Walking alpacas with Alpacaly Ever After!

    It all started with me and my boyfriend planning a trip to The Lake District, we were going to spend 4 days and 3 nights there so we were looking for stuff to do. I had a look on TripAdvisor for ideas and then I saw it.. Walking alpacas. I always had a soft spot for alpacas, I think they’re super cute and very loving animals.


    So we booked a private walk for 2 which allowed us to walk one alpaca each for about 1h30 (you’re allowed to bring one extra person for free), the private walk was £65. Note that you have all different walks, for example you have mixed group walks which are £30 for the same amount of time. We just decided to have a private walk as I’m disabled and their website recommend it that way

    All our private walks can be adapted for wheelchair users and mixed ability walkers, please just inform us of your requirements prior to your walk. (Source)

    On the day of the walk the weather was unfortunately not great, it was raining on and off so we were scared the walk would be cancelled but in the early morning we got a lovely message from Ruby our guide saying they’re expecting us at the time we booked. Alpacaly ever after is located at The Lingholm Estate on the Western Shore of Derwentwater, on other words the location is absolutely wonderful and very peaceful. The Lingholm Estate is always open for public, the alpacas are held on private grounds so at first you can’t tell at all that there are alpacas.


    When it was time for our walk we met our lovely guide, Ruby, she took us to the alpacas and told us that we’re going to walk Jasper and Hobbs. Now it’s important to say that I’m disabled and have to walk with a cane, so I didn’t really knew how it would go. But I got Jasper, a beautiful long haired brown alpaca, to walk with as our guide told us he’s a very calm alpaca and wouldn’t drag me anywhere. My boyfriend got Hobbs a lovely white alpaca that also clearly loved eating grass  . The walk is on private grounds so you don’t really see people, unless there are other people having a walk as well, which is great as it’s just so calm and you don’t get interrupted. The guide gives some great information too, not only about alpacas but also about the Lake District and the grounds as Beatrix Potter used to stay there for her holidays and even wrote one of her books there.

    It’s safe to say that we absolutely loved the walk. At the end of the walk you get to feed the alpacas you’ve been walking too which is really nice. We agreed that it’s totally worth the price, it may seem expensive at first as you don’t really know what to expect but it’s really worth it without a doubt.

    If you’re at The Lakes I really recommend this! It’s so good and as soon as it was over I told my boyfriend I wanted to come back as soon as we can.

    Click here to have a look at their website!

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