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  • Visiting Willows activity farm (Hertfordshire) in my wheelchair!

    Visiting Willows activity farm (Hertfordshire) in my wheelchair!

    For some reason I’m a big fan of petting farms, we don’t really have them in Belgium (well we kinda do have them but they’re becoming very rare) so whenever I’m in England my boyfriend always tries to take me to a new petting farm we haven’t visited yet.

    So this time we went to Willows activity farm! This petting farm is very children friendly and has lots of activities for them. I don’t have children so I can’t really say much about this..

    Let me tell you some more about the farm first.. Award winning Willows activity farm has over 300 (!) animals and 40 activities for children. They have a really nice cafe where you can have breakfast, brunch, tea or just a snack! They’re completely vegan and gluten free which makes it all even better. We didn’t went to the cafe which I kinda regret after seeing the photo’s of others online.. Peter Rabbit has a big part at the farm so there are daily shows and meet and greets, which I’m sure children love.

    Their site says their farm is completely disabled friendly so I went and had a look myself and I have to say.. I’m pleasantly surprised! I do have to say that if you’re in a wheelchair, it’s definitely do-able but you’ll need someone to help you up and down the hills since the whole place is full of them. But that’s pretty much the only thing. The whole place is accessible, as in, you can visit every animal there is without much of a problem, the only thing that’s a bit tricky are the hills.

    The prices for disabled go from £11 – £13 depending on when you go, carers go in for free. You do need to be registered as a disabled person & show them proof (blue badge or hand card). Buying tickets online is cheaper for non disabled people, if you are disabled it’s the same online as if you’d buy at the door. There are disabled toilets and of course they allow guide dogs!

    The farm itself is really pretty and open, the animals have a good amount of space. You’re able to pet and feed them (I’m not sure how much one bag of food was but you get plenty of food in one bag). I think we spend a good 2 hours at the farm so definitely worth the money.

    Overall I think the farm is quite disabled friendly, except for the hills (my chair is power assisted but I still needed my boyfriends help sometimes) but then again, it’s a farm. So yes, definitely worth to go, I’d love to go back at some point!

    Love, Céline
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