• Visiting the Titanic museum in Belfast
  • Visiting the Titanic museum in Belfast

    Visiting the Titanic museum in Belfast

    My boyfriend and I went to Belfast for a weekend and were staying right at the Titanic Quarter so we just had to visit this museum. I must admit I didn’t knew much of the Titanic other than the film with Leonardo DiCaprio.

    We only got there around 3.30 pm since we took a flight to Belfast early in the morning and really needed a nap before doing anything else, but luckily that meant we could take a ‘Titanic Belfast late saver ticket’ which means you only pay £10 instead of £18.50, only available one hour before closing. You only get to visit the museum for one hour then but it’s more than enough (unless you really want to read everything or do the audio tour) we were outside in 45 minutes.

    Site where Titanic was built

    I found it quite interesting, the museum is actually located where the Titanic was built so the beginning of the experience is mostly about that and how it was like to work on it. Afterwards it’s about how the ship looked like on the inside and the journey it made before it sunk. What hit me the most was when I got to the part where the ship hit the iceberg. Somehow the museum made you feel some sort of fear, as if you were on the ship when it happened. They show the faces and names of people that lost their lives but also the last few CQD (Come Quick, Danger) call the Titanic crew made towards other ships for help.

    The last CQD message of the Titanic

    Towards the end of the tour it’s mostly about finding the wreck back in 1985, recovering thousands of items and how the safety on ships nowadays improved because of what happened with the Titanic. Because it’s so deep in the sea it’s known that one day the wreck of the ship will completely disappear so they have been thinking of raising it out of the sea with some weird ideas such as filling the wreck with pingpong balls, injecting it with 180k tons of vaseline or even, I kid you not, put it inside an iceberg so it would float. Unfortunately the wreck is way too fragile and therefor it’s now protected.

    The accessibility in the museum is great, there are wheelchairs and mobility scooters available on site that you can use without a problem. For people with hearing loss there are special audio tours available or there’s also a possibility to get a printed version of those audio tours. For people who are (partly) blind the audio tours are completely free. guide dogs are always welcome & cares come in for free. So I really think this museum is great towards disabled people.

    Titanic museum

    I do really recommend going to the Titanic museum if you’re in Belfast, it’s easy to get to and it’s very interesting. If you’re not planning to read every single thing inside the museum get the late saver ticket as it’s a lot more cheaper. Note that you’re only allowed inside the proper tour one hour before closing time, don’t worry if you’re a bit earlier as there’s a great little café inside and a Titanic shop.

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