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    Another book that included a character with a chronic illness so I just had to …
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    A book review of Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. The first book …
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    Paradise Wildlife Park is well known for it's accessibility so I was quite excited to …
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    I’ve always been quite a fan of Adam Silvera, so when I got the …
  • 4 Reasons why you cannot miss watching Special on Netflix

    I saw multiple people on Twitter mentioning this series saying its totally worth binge watching so it’s totally what I did, and I absolutely loved…

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    5 Netflix shows I never get tire of watching

    Since I have so much time to watch and try different stuff on Netflix I decided to make a little list with my favourites.


    Reviewing Netflix serie Insatiable

    Insatiable is a Netflix serie which follows Patty, an overweight teen which gets bullied by the people around her. she decides to lose weight and wants to get revenge on everyone who ever made her feel bad about herself by fat-shaming her