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    Paradise Wildlife Park is well known for it's accessibility so I was quite excited to …
  • Books
    I’ve always been quite a fan of Adam Silvera, so when I got the …
  • Travel
    I went to Willows activity farm in Hertfordshire in my wheelchair! But how disabled friendly …
  • Health
    When I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid artritis I barely knew anything about it. I thought …
  • My tattoos and their meaning

    I always liked tattoos in general. Whenever I saw someone with them I always had the urge to have a closer look and ask whether or not it has a meaning behind it.

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    Visiting De Zonnegloed wildlife sanctuary!

    De Zonnegloed is a wildlife sanctuary, the very first one in Belgium! They rescue all kinds of animals from hamsters to bears who had to live in awful circumstances.


    Reviewing Netflix serie Insatiable

    Insatiable is a Netflix serie which follows Patty, an overweight teen which gets bullied by the people around her. she decides to lose weight and wants to get revenge on everyone who ever made her feel bad about herself by fat-shaming her


    Walking alpacas with Alpacaly Ever After!

    Walking alpacas. I always had a soft spot for alpacas, I think they’re super cute and very loving animals.



    Hi! My name is Céline, 23 years old living in some tiny village near the coast of Belgium and I’m disabled. I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a wonderful British guy. I’m a massive animal lover, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan but I do try to eat less and less meat.