• Travel
    Paradise Wildlife Park is well known for it's accessibility so I was quite excited to …
  • Books
    I’ve always been quite a fan of Adam Silvera, so when I got the …
  • Travel
    I went to Willows activity farm in Hertfordshire in my wheelchair! But how disabled friendly …
  • Health
    When I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid artritis I barely knew anything about it. I thought …
  • 4 Reasons why you cannot miss watching Special on Netflix

    I saw multiple people on Twitter mentioning this series saying its totally worth binge watching so it’s totally what I did, and I absolutely loved…

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    Living with RA, how it affects my daily life

    I feel like this disease often gets associated to the elderly and people often don’t believe how hard it actually is to live with it.


    5 mini goals for April

    I know that I won’t always be able to complete these goals but it’s a motivation.


    5 Netflix shows I never get tire of watching

    Since I have so much time to watch and try different stuff on Netflix I decided to make a little list with my favourites.


    Words on bathroom walls by Julia Walton – Book review

    Words on bathroom walls tells the story of Adam who has schizophrenia and is taking the experimental medication ToZaPrex to help him control his mental illness.


    Visiting the Titanic museum in Belfast

    My boyfriend and I went to Belfast for a weekend and were staying right at the Titanic Quarter so we just had to visit this…


    A mini bucket list; 15 goals and dreams

    As I recently got the news that my health isn’t great and that I’m seen as ‘a ticking time bomb’ it obviously made me thinking…