• My tattoos and their meaning
  • My tattoos and their meaning

    My tattoos and their meaning

    I always liked tattoos in general. Whenever I saw someone with them I always had the urge to have a closer look and ask whether or not it has a meaning behind it. For me it all started when I was 17, nearly 18. My mum and I had a bet that if I pass my math exam she’ll be paying for my first tattoo. I normally always fail my math exams but somehow I passed this one and yes a few months later I had my very first tattoo appointment!

    The very first one I got has quite a special meaning to me as it’s for my grandma. She always loved owls, she always had little figurines of them or watches tv programs about them. So I just had to get an owl for her. I hid it quite a while from her though as she’s not a fan of tattoos, or at least wasn’t, until one day I did show it and she absolutely loved it and even proper cried. She often asks if it hasn’t flown away yet, haha.

    This one is basically the logo of the band 30 seconds to mars, their lead singer, Jared Leto, has the same tattoo on the same place. I’ve always been quite a fan of 30 seconds to mars, their music helped me through some stuff in life such as the divorce of my parents, college but also more personal stuff. I’ve seen them live for the first time in Paris in 2015 (if I remember well) and then again in Antwerp, Belgium and Manchester, England last year. Oh and I’ve met them as well, they’re so friendly!

    This was my first (and for now only) big tattoo. I spend a good amount of money on it and had 2 sessions of several hours. It’s basically a sea monster that’s trying to destroy a ship. It has quite a big meaning behind it, the ship represents myself that’s still standing even with the rough sea and the monster trying to destroy it. That monster and rough sea represents my mental health, physical health but also some events that happened. The compass is my family (on my mum side) who were around and supported me no matter what.

    My Twenty one pilots related tattoo. Basically a combination of 2 songs by them Car radio and Isle of flightless birds I got this one because I really like the band, I’ve seen them about 5 times now I think. I’ve got quite a few songs of them which I can totally relate to because of my mental health.

    I got an elephant tattoo together with my mum. One day my mum came to me and asked to pick a tattoo for her, I didn’t really had an idea until I had the brilliant idea to get the same one together. But what should we get? We went back and forth quite a bit and at some point we were watching a program about elephants. They said that elephants are always close as a family and the mothers are quite protective about their youngsters. So we decided to both get an elephant. If you look closely you can see my mums one has tusks while mine hasn’t.

    This one has quite a story behind it. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (who isn’t anyway, right?) so together with some friends we went to the Harry Potter studios in London. While we were there we decided we might as well get some matching Harry Potter tattoos. I booked an appointment and went to the shop, but something went wrong during the booking and it didn’t went through. So when we were back in Belgium we booked an appointment here to get the tattoos. Mine is the left one. It’s partly done with white ink which I think is quite cool for the time it’ll last.

    This is a poem out of Rupi Kaur’s book The sun and her flowers. I always enjoyed her poems, I follow her on social media where she often post poems that aren’t in any of her books yet so I got this one before it was published. It’s saying “And here you are living despite it all” for me very relatable with my mental and physical health. If I have to pick my favorite tattoo it’s got to be this one together with the owl for my grandma.

    This one is the sign language for I love you. I had a deaf friend that tried his best to teach me sign language but as much as I tried I just couldn’t remember it all. Luckily he wasn’t born deaf so he was still able to somewhat talk. He was someone very special to me. Unfortunately because of his mental health he decided to kill himself and this was the last sign he signed to me the last time I saw him. I think this one has the biggest meaning of all my tattoos.

    These were all 8 of my tattoos, at the moment I do not have any plans of getting more.. I do have ideas but for now they’ll stay ideas. All tattoos were done by Slide at Tattoo slide except for the Harry Potter one.

    Do you have any tattoos? Or are you planning on getting one? Let me know in the comments! 😀

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