Just Breathe – Book Review

Just Breathe – Book Review

First of all I’d like to thank HarperTeen (HarperCollins) for sending me a copy in exchange of a honest review!

Another book that included a character with a chronic illness (I’m so happy there are more and more books being released talking about chronic illnesses) so I just had to request this ARC


David Sheinman is the popular president of his senior class, battling cystic fibrosis.

Jamie Turner is a quiet sophomore, struggling with depression.

The pair soon realizes that they can be their true selves with each other, and their unlikely friendship develops into something so much more. But neither Jamie nor David can bring themselves to reveal the secrets that weigh most heavily on their hearts—and their time for honesty may be running out.

My thoughts

I didn’t had any expectations when I started this book but Oh boy, did this book surprised me in a wonderful way.

The story follows David, a popular guy at school who does the announcements and everyone seems to love him. besides that he’s been with his girlfriend for years. Seems like he’s having the perfect life until you know he has a rocky relationship with his parents and has a rebellious sister which he’s constantly worrying about but most importantly he’s got cystic fibrosis and his health is going downhill, very quickly, to the point he realizes that if he doesn’t get new lungs, he’ll die soon.

Then there’s also Jamie, she’s the complete opposite of David. She’s shy, keeps herself to herself and isn’t popular at all. She has a loving relationship with her mum who works as a nurse in the hospital. Jamie loves to do some volunteering work at the hospital but she’s also struggling with Depression.

I really enjoyed the character development. You get to read both their POV so I really felt like I actually got to know them both equally. I loved how their friendship (who mostly started through online conversations) slowly but surely developed into a ‘Romeo and Juliet‘ kind of like romance. Since David is already in a long lasting relationship but Jamie totally falls head over heals for him, she doesn’t really think through some of her actions and without her meaning to, puts his life in danger.

It was definitely a book that I could barely put down. I told myself multiple times ‘Just one more chapter‘ but every time I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I was completely invested in them and even after finishing the book, I was still thinking about them.

The topics are for sure heavy ones, but the way it was written made it all much easier to read. Will you smile? Yes. Will you cry? Definitely. But it’s also very heartwarming and that’s what made me love this book so much.

Just Breathe by Cammie McGovern is expected to be released on January 7th 2020

Love, Céline
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