• Introduction
  • Introduction


    Hi! My name is Céline, 23 years old living in some tiny village near the coast of Belgium and I’m disabled. I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a wonderful British guy. I’m a massive animal lover, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan but I do try to eat less and less meat.

    Like I mentioned before I’m disabled. Unfortunately my health has been going downhill since the age of 18. My first major diagnosis I got was Rheumatoid arthritis, a quite aggressive and rare type as only recently I got the news it’s also ‘attacking’ my organs and muscles and I’m basically a ‘ticking time bomb’ as it’s slowly but surely causing proper damage to important organs. I pretty much tried every single medication for RA that’s available but none worked properly, right now I recently started with Mabthera, which is basically the last one we can try for now. Due to my RA I always walk with a cane and only recently I started using a wheelchair too.

    I’m also diagnosed with CIDP (Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy), Asthma (which I’m born with), Fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

    I decided to name my blog The tortoise life as I often compare myself to a tortoise since move slowly because of my chronic illnesses.

    The Tortoise Life will mostly be a disability blog but I’ll also post about lifestyle, travelling, books and whatever I enjoy.

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