• A mini bucket list; 15 goals and dreams
  • A mini bucket list; 15 goals and dreams

    A mini bucket list; 15 goals and dreams

    As I recently got the news that my health isn’t great and that I’m seen as ‘a ticking time bomb’ it obviously made me thinking about what in life I’d like to experience or achieve. I’d like to complete this list in 10 years time (I’ll be 34 then!!) no one knows what tomorrow has in store for them, let alone in 10 years time but I like to hope and it’s a motivation!

    Here we go, in no particular order

    • Do an IQ test

    I’ve always wondered how much my IQ would be, I always fear it wouldn’t be much as I absolutely suck in maths but then I’m quite good in other stuff such as languages. I’m just very curious!

    • Surprise my mum by taking her on a trip

    My mum has never really been on a holiday outside Belgium (except for her honeymoon) so I’ve always wanted to take her somewhere. I don’t know when but I know that I’ll take her somewhere sometime.

    • Go to South Africa and do a proper safari in the Kruger National Park

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Africa and it’s beautiful nature. It’s my absolute dream to ever get there and go on a proper safari to see wild animals in their habitat and not in some zoo.

    • Splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime meal at one of the world’s best restaurants

    I’m normally not into fancy food restaurants or anything like that, I’m the happiest when you take me to a Mcdonalds. But it’s an experience I’d love to do, I’m just not sure I ever will be able or even want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on some food. But if I don’t have to pay? Then sure thing haha

    • Try paragliding or fly a paramotor

    I’d probably be proper scared doing this as I don’t like flying at all but I think it would be completely different from flying on a plane. I feel so trapped in a plane, it’s pretty much a flying coffin. But I think with paramotoring or paragliding you’d feel absolutely free.

    • Be in a live audience on a tv show (The Jeremy Kyle show, PLEASE)

    I absolutely wouldn’t want to be a guest or something in a tv show but I wouldn’t mind being in the audience. I adore the Jeremy Kyle show so I’d love to be in the audience there even though I do not understand anything without subtitles πŸ˜€

    • Get my driver’s license

    I passed my theory about 2 years ago and did driving lessons in the summer of 2017, everything went great but when I wanted to do my driving test my health went downhill and I had to put everything on hold. Now I need to do a medical driving test first before I’m even allowed to drive a car again as I’ll probably need a car adapted to my needs.

    • Go to Disneyland in Paris and Disneyworld, Florida

    I’ve been to Disneyland Paris once, for one day, when I was in high school with my class but I honestly don’t remember anything from it and to be honest you can’t do much in one day. So I’d absolutely love to go back and even one day go to the one in Florida (even if it means I’ll have to fly for several hours)

    • Watch a tennis match at Roland Garros (preferably the finales)

    Don’t ask me why but I absolutely love watching Roland Garros and Wimbledon during the summer. It’s always been one of the things I’d like to go watch live but unfortunately the prices are absolutely ridiculous and I always seem to miss the ticket sale πŸ™

    • Adopt a sanctuary animal

    I love sanctuaries and the hard work they do to give neglected animals a new and loving home. Adopting an animal there would mean I could help them out a tiny bit, I really think more people should do this. I’d probably adopt a raccoon

    • Fly first class

    Like I said, I absolutely hate flying but if I ever have to do a long flight I’d love to do it in first class (who wouldn’t anyway?) I still wouldn’t take off my seat belt though πŸ™„

    • Become a freelance corrector

    It’s something I only recently discovered. I’m seen as a heavily disabled person and I do have to mention that and my illnesses in job interviews so the chance of anyone actually hiring me for whatever is extremely low. So the only option for me would be to do some freelance work. I used to be a freelance nurse but that’s just too hard on my body for me to do so I had to look for something else. Luckily I found out that being a freelance corrector is a thing so in April I’ll be starting a course, which I’m quite excited about!

    • Get married

    This is actually something I didn’t always wanted but for some reason I absolutely wouldn’t mind getting married to the guy I’m in a relationship with now. Just a small, cosy wedding with just our family and our most important friends. Nothing big but totally us.

    • Become a foster parent

    Not for children but for animals like cats, hedgehogs or any other animal that needs help. I’d absolutely love to do that but I think my house would be full very quickly.

    • Visit 10 capital cities

    I’d love to go to Rome, Budapest, Berlin, Ottawa, Athene, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Washington, Dublin and Wellington.

    Fingers crossed it’ll all happen!
    What’s on your list?

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