• 5 Netflix shows I never get tire of watching
  • 5 Netflix shows I never get tire of watching

    5 Netflix shows I never get tire of watching

    Since I’m unfit to work, which is about 2 years now, I’m super thankful something like Netflix exists. I’m home alone most of the time since my mum works full time as an independent nurse (which I used to be too) and my sister works too. I have the luck to be able to use 2 different Netflix accounts, I have my own which is the Belgian catalog but also the one of my boyfriend which gives me the British catalog.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t only watch Netflix day in day out, I try to read a book now and then too but holding a book/ereader is often painful for my joints so I haven’t been reading so much anymore, which I do miss a lot.

    Since I have so much time to watch and try different stuff on Netflix I decided to make a little list with my favourites. The ones I’ll be listing are available on the British Netflix.

    My favourites

    1. One day at a time

    I only recently discovered this one, like a month ago, but I’ve already seen all 3 seasons. The show revolves around a Cuban-American family living in a neighborhood in LA. The show focuses on Penelope, a single mum who’s an Army veteran dealing with PTSD, anxiety and depression, but also her 2 children Elena & Alex and her Cuban mother Lydia (my absolute favourite character). I think this series is so important and a hidden gem on Netflix. It handles so many important subjects such as: mental illnesses, addiction, immigration, sexism, homophobia, racism and much more. Unfortunately Netflix has cancelled the series but I’m really hoping another network will pick it up. Please do watch it if you haven’t yet as it’s really worth your time.

    2. RuPaul’s Drag Race

    If you haven’t seen it yet I’m sure you’ve heard about it. This reality competition series follows RuPaul searching for the ‘America’s next drag superstar’. Each season starts with 12 drag Queens and every week they get a new challenge. Every episode has a mini challenge, maxi challenge and A LOT of drama. There are 11 seasons on Netflix now and with every season there’s more and more drama which actually makes the show. I absolutely love this show and it always manages to make me smile on a bad day.

    3. Queer Eye

    I only started watching this one since last week but I am ABSOLUTELY loving this!! This show follows the ‘fab five’ which are a food & wine expert, fashion expert, culture expert, design expert and a grooming expert that are on a mission to give people a full make over, not only the person but also their house, and give them some confidence back. I really fell in love with this series as it just delivers an instant feel good feeling and gives you some hope back in humanity, I often end up with tears in my eyes at the end of each episode.

    4. Atypical

    When people ask me my all time favourite show I say Atypical without a doubt. This show follows Sam, an 18 year old with autism who decides it’s time to find himself a girlfriend. His journey is with a lot of ups and downs so this show made me often laugh out loud but also made me cry my eyes out. I cannot express or say enough how much I love this show. So far there are 2 seasons but the show has been renewed for a 3rd season which I cannot wait for!

    5. Luther

    First of all, Idris Elba, he’s just amazing. He’s already a big enough reason to watch this detective show. I’ve seen many police shows but this one is my favourite of all, it’s so different and every episode is so nerve wrecking. I do have to say I often get nightmares because of this show as I’m quite sensitive to them but it’s totally worth it.

    What are your favourite Netflix shows? Let me know!

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