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  • 3 mini goals for May

    3 mini goals for May

    New month means new mini goals!

    I really like the month May as most of the time it means that the really nice and sunny weather will be starting soon. I’ve always been more of a spring/summer type of girl & the warm weather is just so much nicer to my body.

    So here we go..

    • Surviving travelling to England & back in my wheelchair

    I’m actually travelling with my wheelchair tomorrow to England. So I have to take 3 trains.. Ostend to Brussels > Eurostar to London > London to Luton. Am I looking forward to it? Absolutely NOT. I am absolutely petrified to be honest as I have no idea what to expect and I just depend on a lot of strangers which will depend how my journey will go. So I’m just hoping I’ll survive the whole thing without too many emotional breakdowns because of being too stressed out.

    • Read!

    I haven’t been reading in like forever, which I absolutely regret and miss. This morning I managed to charge my kindle up and (hopefully) I’ll be able to read tomorrow when I’ll be travelling or just whenever later this month. I used to be a massive reader, even owned a bookblog and posted several reviews a week, completely the opposite of what I’m doing now. So hopefully I’ll get back into reading this month.

    • Worry less

    I already know this isn’t going to happen but I really really need to worry less about my health and how it’s affecting my future. Easier said than done, unfortunately. But it’s starting to affect me mentally more than it probably should.

    And that’s about it for this month. Nothing big except for the travelling one but that’s totally okay. Fingers crossed on some nice weather as well, I really need some sunshine and warmth.

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