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  • 10 ways to treat yourself

    10 ways to treat yourself

    There’s nothing better than being able to treat yourself. Whether you are able to work or not, everyone deserves to do some self care now and then. There are so many ways to take care of yourself but here are my favourite ones;..

    • Read that book

    I’m one of those people who will buy lots of books and then just ends up with a huge to be read pile. On a day where you want to treat yourself it’s the perfect excuse to read at least one of those books on that pile. Believe me, it’ll make you feel good no matter how little progress you make.

    • Buy something you’ve wanted for a while

    Nothing better than buying something new to treat yourself. You could get new clothes or maybe a new pair of shoes? Or if you’re into gaming get yourself that new game you’re interested in! Just anything that makes you happy

    • Try something new

    Could be anything! You could try a new sport or take a class in something you haven’t tried before, like learning a new language to then use that language in a trip to a place you’ve never been before! But it doesn’t need to be something huge, getting a complete new haircut for example counts as well!

    • Do some pampering

    Like getting your nails or hair done but also let yourself take a long nice warm bath with some nice smelling bath bombs. Or if you love animals, go to a sanctuary and ask to cuddle some cats or walk a dog, most sanctuaries will love to see you coming (and to me this totally counts as pampering/treating myself)

    • Try out that (new) restaurant

    Whenever a new restaurant pops up we all have that urge to say “I need to try this one out one day.” But when does that actually happens? As let’s be honest, most of the time we just end up going to the same restaurant over and over again. Give that new restaurant a try! You never know it might be your new favourite place to eat!

    • Buy some fresh flowers/plants

    Nothing beats some fresh flowers or plants. Most of the time you can get a bunch for quite cheap and it lights up your room (and mood) right away! Get some nice and bright tulips or a house plant you’ll have to try to keep alive. I actually plan to change my bookshelf completely and fill it up with lots of little plants and I can’t wait!

    • Catch up with friends/family

    Get some lunch with that friend you’ve been wanting to see for ages but keep on delaying. Go visit your parents or grandparents, they would love to have you around for a couple of hours. We tend to put them aside way too quickly. They won’t be around all you life, same counts for your friends, you never know when’s the last time you’ll see them

    • Turn off notifications

    Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and all these other apps, turns the notifications off! Or even better, go a day with your phone turned off. Or half a day if you’re completely new to this. You’ll see, it’ll make you feel a lot better.

    • Have a lay in

    This is probably the most oblivious one to do to treat yourself but it’s also the one we tend to feel guilty about. Don’t care about it for once and just sleep as long as you want! Every once in a while you’re totally allowed to stay in bed until noon

    • Bake something

    Bake some cookies or a cake you like! Afterwards you can eat it all yourself or share it with others. If you don’t like to bake just buy some bakery stuff and eat lots anyway, you deserve it 😉

    Love, CĂ©line
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